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Requiem for a Peace - canvas PRINT by Shai Yossef


Harmonic Melodies , a mesmerizing portrayal of a young boy passionately immersed in the world of violin. This enchanting piece captures the essence of music's transformative power, portraying a remarkable blend of elegance, talent, and dedication.

The boy, depicted with intricate brushstrokes and vivid colors, stands tall, his youthful face alive with determination and concentration. His nimble fingers dance gracefully across the strings, as if conjuring a symphony of emotions that resonate in the air around him. Each note, pure and resonant, transcends the boundaries of the canvas, enveloping all who gaze upon it in a symphony of awe.


"The boy who cries in the photo is Diego Frazao Torquato, who played the violin in the String Orchestra of the Afro Reggae. Afro Reggae is a non-profit organization that gives kids hope and an escape from negative environments. The occasion was the funeral of his social project coordinator, Evandro João Silva, who was murdered in downtown Rio. Diego contracted meningitis at age four, aggravated by pneumonia, and struggled with memory difficulties. He still managed to learn the violin. Diego, born and raised in the slums of Parada de Lucas, dreamed that the violin would take him to see the world. Sadly, shortly after this photo was taken Diego died of leukemia. At Diego’s funeral José Júnior, the coordinator of Afroreggae stated, “I think the legacy of Diego is hope, it is the willingness to change, to transform”. (source: *Unknown photographer.

👉🏾High Resolution on High Quality Cotton Canvas
👉🏾Ink : We use Epson pigment ink 
👉🏾Canvas : High Quality Waterproof Matt Surface cotton canvas ,

      soft and looks like oil painting 
👉🏾Thickness : 450g/square meter 
👉🏾Resolution: 300dpi
👉🏾 Suitable for framing and matting with an extra 2” (5 cm) border
👉🏾For READY TO HANG: Please contact me for a price quote
👉🏾You can return the product within 30 days



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Requiem for a Peace

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