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"JULIO" - paper PRINT by Shai Yossef - Rectangular format

Photo credit : Anthony Asael


Discover the enchanting world of Black Smiling Happy African Kids Wall Art. Our collection showcases the joy, vibrancy, and cultural richness of African children, capturing their beautiful smiles and contagious happiness. Each piece is meticulously designed to celebrate diversity, inspire positivity, and add a touch of warmth to any space. Perfect for nurseries, playrooms, or any room that craves a dose of pure happiness. Embrace the beauty of diversity and spread joy with our captivating Black Smiling Happy African Kids Wall Art.


Available in a variety of sizes, please select from the list above ☝🏻


Satin Photo Paper Poster
Poster satin photo paper 240 grams is the latest addition to Shai Yosef's line of prints. 
This Heavy basis weight 9.5-mil, 240g satin photo paper is the perfect choice for all types of photo-realistic imaging including portraits, posters, commercial displays and hi-res photo imaging.
The perfect balance between optimum color vibrancy with minimal hot spots and glare.


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PriceFrom $99.00
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