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Black Art Collection


Size: 200x150cm/ 79x59 inches - oil on canvas - unframed
Signed by Shai Yossef with Certificate of Authenticity (COA).


'Jonah' encapsulates the depth of human emotions and narratives. The subject matter, which remains undisclosed, invites viewers to explore their own interpretations and form personal connections with the artwork. The large scale of the painting allows for an intimate examination of the artist's intricate brushwork and attention to detail, enabling viewers to fully immerse themselves in the captivating imagery.Whether displayed in a private residence, a gallery, or a corporate setting, 'Jonah' is sure to become a powerful centerpiece that sparks conversation and engages the viewer on an emotional level. Its size, remarkable craftsmanship, and profound subject matter make it a truly remarkable addition to any art collection.Shai Yossef's 'Jonah' represents an extraordinary opportunity to acquire an impactful and thought-provoking piece that will captivate and inspire viewers for years to come. With its impressive dimensions, meticulous execution, and the artist's signature, this artwork serves as a testament to the talent and artistic vision of Shai Yossef.

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