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71"x81" / 180x205 cm - oil on canvas - unframed
Signed by Shai Yossef with Certificate of Authenticity (COA).

'JOKER' is a captivating oil painting that delves into the enigmatic and complex persona of one of the most iconic in popular culture, the Joker. Created by the talented artist Shai Yossef, this artwork captures the essence of the Joker's unpredictable nature, chaotic energy, and twisted sense of humor. The painting is skillfully executed on a canvas measuring 71"x81" (180x205 cm), allowing for a substantial and immersive representation of this character.
'JOKER' serves as a visual exploration of the complex and disturbed nature of the character. Through Shai Yossef's masterful use of oil paint, the painting captures the Joker's eerie grin, intense eyes, and overall sense of mischief and chaos. The artist's meticulous brushwork and attention to detail bring the character to life, allowing viewers to experience the unsettling presence of the Joker.

This artwork has the ability to become a powerful statement piece in any space, whether it is displayed in a home theater, a collector's room, or a gallery. It serves as a provocative and thought-provoking portrayal of the darker aspects of human nature and challenges viewers to confront their own notions of sanity and morality.

'JOKER' is a testament to Shai Yossef's artistic talent and his ability to capture the essence of complex characters through his brushwork. This exceptional artwork, with its substantial dimensions, meticulous craftsmanship, and inherent intrigue, promises to be a captivating piece for collectors, fans of the Joker, and art enthusiasts seeking to explore the depths of human psychology.

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