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Free fallin'
Black art collection

Size: 300x200cm /118x79in
Signed by Shai Yossef with Certificate of Authenticity (COA).


'Free fallin'' evokes a sense of freedom, courage, and the exhilarating rush of adrenaline. Through Shai Yossef's masterful use of brushwork, color, and composition, the painting captures the dynamic movement, the sense of weightlessness, and the vastness of space associated with free fall. The artist's attention to detail and skillful execution allow viewers to immerse themselves in the moment, experiencing the excitement and freedom firsthand.This artwork has the power to become a captivating centerpiece in any space, whether it is displayed in a living room, a studio, or a gallery. Its bold subject matter and impressive size make it a visually impactful and thought-provoking piece that ignites the imagination and prompts contemplation about the exhilaration of taking risks and embracing the unknown.'Free fallin'' stands as a testament to Shai Yossef's artistic talent and his ability to convey emotions and sensations through his brushstrokes. This exceptional artwork, with its substantial size, meticulous craftsmanship, and evocative storytelling, promises to be a cherished and impactful addition to any art collection, inspiring viewers to embrace the thrill of life's adventures and the beauty of letting go.

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Free fallin'

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