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Cold little heart


Size: 180x95cm / 71x37.4in - oil on canvas -  unframed  
Signed by Shai Yossef with Certificate of Authenticity (COA).


'Cold Little Heart' serves as a visual exploration of the intricate and nuanced emotions that reside within each individual. Through Shai Yossef's masterful use of oil paint, the painting captures the subtle nuances of human experience, from moments of vulnerability and isolation to resilience and hope. The artist's meticulous brushwork and attention to detail bring these emotions to life, inviting viewers to reflect on their own journey and the complexities of the human heart.This artwork has the power to become a focal point in any space, whether it is displayed in a living room, a study, or a gallery. Its evocative subject matter and skillful execution make it a thought-provoking and emotive piece that sparks introspection and encourages a deeper understanding of our shared human experience.'Cold Little Heart' is a testament to Shai Yossef's artistic talent and his ability to convey profound emotions through his brushwork. This exceptional artwork, with its generous dimensions, meticulous craftsmanship, and inherent depth, promises to be a cherished piece for collectors, art enthusiasts, and individuals seeking to explore the complexity of the human heart.

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Cold little heart

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