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Cain and Abel - print on canvas


'Cain and Abel' invites viewers to reflect upon the complex dynamics of human relationships and the consequences of our choices. Through Shai Yossef's masterful use of brushwork, color, and composition, the painting captures the emotional turmoil, conflict, and tragedy inherent in this biblical story. The artist's attention to detail and ability to convey profound emotions bring the characters and their struggles to life on the canvas.This artwork has the power to become a captivating centerpiece in any space, whether it is displayed in a living room, a study, or a gallery

👉🏾High Resolution on High Quality Cotton Canvas
👉🏾Ink : We use Epson pigment ink 
👉🏾Canvas : High Quality Waterproof Matt Surface cotton canvas ,

      soft and looks like oil painting 
👉🏾Thickness : 450g/square meter 
👉🏾Resolution: 300dpi
👉🏾 Suitable for framing and matting with an extra 2” (5 cm) border
👉🏾For READY TO HANG: Please contact me for a price quote
👉🏾You can return the product within 30 days



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Cain and Abel

PriceFrom $99.00
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