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'Coat of many colors'

Oil on canvas 150/200 cm

'Coat of many colors'

Interaction between- two, works usually well. The challenge of maintaining peace stability increases when the circle expands. It's enough that a third party enters the picture and something happens.

The ability to give reciprocal attention and balanced attention to a greater number of people is not a simple task. When we try to please a new person, the relationship between our children, relationships in marriage, our work… often without noticing someone is always hurt and pushed aside. The ability to do it correctly is a delicate work of the highest degree. In the painting- 'Coat of many colors', a moment of harmony, intimacy, and success is commemorated, among three friends.

A moment of highlight in which they are sharing an entertaining secret.

The name of the painting was inspired by the poem written by the esteemed late Israeli poet Meir Ariel - "Coat of many colors".

The poem very emotionally describes the story about the various stripes that make up the coat of Joseph the Tzadik, made for him by his father.

Every stripe is in a different color and there is a rich dialogue between them. At the end of the dialogue, the conclusion is one and clear- every stripe has a crucial role in the existence of all of us as a single unit.

Each of us creates a unique and beautiful coat of many colors.

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