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'Rain man'

Size: 100*80cm - oil on canvas

The Rain Man is a version of the Lone Ranger that exists in each of us in different phases of life.

Many times we have no choice but to walk alone in an unknown, dark and slippery road without the help of a friend or any other person on the way while strong rain showers, cold and powerful winds close in on us from all possible directions and the umbrella is the only shield we have, providing shelter.

For me, the umbrella is a symbol of personal supervision over our heads, by none other than God.

The Rain Man believes in him and in his supervision.

He isn't walking on the roadside, but on the contrary - in the middle. He trusts his way.

Perhaps that is why, despite the very wintery nature of the painting, there is something warm and soothing about it.

The painting took part in the 4th annual International Design and Architecture of Hotels exhibition, a solo exhibition of Shay in "Reshafim" In Israel and was awarded the honor title in the luxurious LLIC painting competition, London 2015.

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