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During a family vacation at a Jerusalem hotel in 2015 I found myself sitting down on the corner of the bed and staring at the video clip of Kygo – "stole the show" and immediately blew in his charms.

The inspiration of the text and the clip was strong and immediate.

After a very short time I created the painting - UR HERE.

This painting for me is like a mirror.

I look at him and feel like I made a kind of self-portrait; the most beautiful thing in it is that he can be a self-portrait of anyone else…

Many times we want to wrap ourselves in some space suit, take off and break away from it all, escape and never look back...

On the other hand, we are committed to the people who love us and we love them.

The Little Red Heart on the painting is a reminder that the separation must be temporary.

It is recommended to take off occasionally to other dimensions, but never forget to return to the bosom of our beloved who were left here without us.

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