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London International Creative Competition (LICC) UK 2015.


The 4th International Exhibition for Architects and Designers, Israel 2015.


Solo exhibition at Reshafim, Israel 2015.


Manhood- the Artist Table, USA 2015.


BoldBrush Painting Contest 2015.


International Arts Exhibition, Dubai 2016.

London International Creative Competition (LICC) UK 2016.

The Billboard Creative Show, Hollywood LA-USA 2016.


Saatchi Gallery, London UK 2017.


International House, New York-USA 2017.


Solo exhibition at the Symphony Rosh Ha’ayin Conservatory, Israel 2017. 


Thirty Nine club, 'Boccara art', Monte-Carlo Monaco 2017.


Asia Contemporary Art Show, 'Boccara art', Hong Kong 2017.


The Yemenite Heritage Center and the Jewish Communities of Rehovot, Israel 2018.


Malamegi Lab.9, Venezia Italy 2018.

Art Boca Raton Contemporary Art Fair,'Boccara art', Florida-USA 2018.

F the art world international competition , Chelsea NY - USA 2018.

Art Elevated Banners / Orangenius , Garment District NY - USA 2018. 

'Splash with Colors and Hope' by Anthony Asael/Art in All of Us Brussels, Belgium 2018.

Dab Art, Los Angeles, Ventura, Mexico city 2020. 

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